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  • 🌱 【NATURAL INGREDIENTS】 Our beeswax food wraps are made of 100% eco-friendly ingredients: FDA certified beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil and cotton.
  • ♻️ 【1 YEAR LIFETIME】 With proper care you can happily reuse our beeswax wrap for up to one year. Special instructions for washing and using will be found inside the package. Also you will receive a list with DO’s and DON’ts on your Amazon email after your purchase.
  • 🌎 【HELP THE PLANET】 Say goodbye to plastic and join our mission to help the planet stay clean with the reusable food wraps. Because beeswax wraps are the best solution to replace plastic wrap for food storage.
  • 💪 【SUSTAINABLE & EFFICIENT】 The self-adhesive waxed wraps can be used over and over again. Before using the food wrap you need to activate it with the warmth of your hands by rolling it from one hand to the other. Then they are ready to be used as food wrappers, sandwich wrap or as bowl and plates cover. To clean, hand-wash them with COLD water and a little soap and let it dry in fresh air.
  • 📣 【100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】 We offer 100% money back if for any reason you feel that we did not meet your expectations. So why wait any longer? BUY IT NOW and you will receive the product in just 2 days with PRIME SHIPPING!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I love these!
by Noel
"I love these! They actually work better than the "more popular" brand. I recommend these over any other beeswax wraps!"
Better than tupperware!
by Jennifer Sprague
"Tried these for the first time and it was a MUCH better experience than trying to dig through every cupboard I have to find a matching tupperware lid! This was so easy to use and the food stayed very fresh."
Make the switch !!
by Blake Wilson
"We are starting to make the switch to more eco- friendly re-useable products. In hopes to save money and decreas our environmental waste. These are the cutest prints and the variety of sizes that comes in this package is great. They were a bit difficult to unfold straight out of the package but have been a breeze to use since. Easy to use, clean, and reuse! Will be buying more ASAP. Would also make a cute housewarming gift for friends and family!"
My food lasts longer
by alteredviolet
"I do not like using plastic wrap for my food (very frustrating to use.) So glad that I found these beeswax wraps that I can use over and over again. I also like the fact that they will last a long time. So simple to use, and pleasantly surprised that my food lasts fresher for a longer period. I plan on using these wraps for my son's school lunch, so there is less waste at school. Bonus...I also love seeing the different colors in my fridge!"
but I am in LOVE with these beeswax wraps
by S. Coons
"My husband's still not sold on this idea, but I am in LOVE with these beeswax wraps! They are easy to use and wash, and my food is never stale or gross. I have slowly been transitioning to using more eco-friendly products and this was an easy switch. And seriously, SO much easier to use than saran wrap. Plus, these are super cute, even though that's not the most important thing ;)"
Definitely recommend
by Mackenize
"These wraps are absolutely amazing. They're so much easier to use than plastic wrap and clean so easily. I love that I'm not having to use plastic anymore and waste money on it."

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